Audio & Entertainment

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment in the radio stack, audio control systems are the backbone of any avionics suite.  Aside from controlling radio transmit and receive duties, modern audio panels integrate cockpit and seat-to-seat intercom, cabin entertainment distribution, warning system audio, and a host of other audio-intensive functions.  Modern panels also seamlessly connect your cell phone to your headphones for talking with Flight Service.

Connecting your favorite music to your audio system has never been easier.  All of EXXELs audio system upgrades include cabin entertainment input ports for plugging in your MP3, iPod or other music device.

Integrating satellite entertainment to the cabin has never been easier thanks to modern audio systems.  High-end and feature rich stereo headsets with noise cancelling circuitry complete and complement a modern audio upgrade.

The PS Engineering 8000 series of audio panels are designed as a direct slide-in replacement for the popular Garmin GMA340 audio panels.  The high end PMA8000BT audio/intercom system also includes Bluetooth connectivity to most cell phones.

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