Custom Panels

With complete bench test and repair capabilities EXXEL is positioned to provide expert troubleshoot, repair and system software upgrading.

With repair capabilities for most traditional components, EXXEL is a professional and trusted source for avionics bench troubleshoot and repair. Here’s a Bendix/King KT76C transponder on EXXEL’s pulse system bench.

Attention to detail is found throughout EXXEL’s avionics retrofit installations.  Custom wiring harnesses include strain relief and are tested prior to installation.  Antenna installations are properly bonded and sealed from the elements ensuring reliable performance.  Everyone of our installations is warranteed to be 100% free from defects in workmanship.

EXXEL is equipped with the latest test equipment for conducting FAA-required biennial Altimeter and Transponder certifications. For your convenience, these tests can often be accomplished while you wait.

Troubleshooting Tips for Pilots