Emergency Beacons – ELT

406 MHz ELT upgrades

Since Cospas-Sarsat – the international satellite system for search and rescue – ceased the satellite monitoring of  121.500 beacons, a 406 MHz beacon upgrade could be one of the best investments you can make for the safety of you and your passengers.  The benefits of 406 MHz ELT technology are many:  First, these beacons transmit digitally encoded aircraft and owner-specific data that can make for a more efficient rescue.  Furthermore, the 406 MHz frequency and the technology of these new beacons are far more accurate. An activated 406 beacon can be pinpointed to within 5 Km accuracy using geostationary and low-earth orbit satellites.  Many of the new 406 beacons have an interface that provides connection to a panel-mounted GPS for even more accurate position.  These new 406 beacons are dual frequency -  transmitting on 406 MHz and on the 121.500 frequency – so listening aircraft and control towers can still hear a local distress signal.


All 406 MHz ELT installations require a remote control switch that is easily accessible by the pilot.

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