Engine Monitoring & Fuel Management

Custom Panels

There’s no better tool for minding the health of your engine than a modern graphic engine monitoring system. These systems provide essential engine data for intuitive, at-a-glance monitoring. Further, these systems log and store this data from each flight allowing convenient USB download and analysis. You’re able to trend and evaluate changes in temperatures and power throughout the life of your engine.

Custom Panel for a Cessna 182

JP Instruments is arguably the leader in engine monitoring equipment. The EDM800 installed in this newer Cessna shows healthy CHT and EGT values of its mid-time Lycoming engine.

Fuel flow computers or fuel “totalizers” are the perfect complement to engine monitoring equipment. They accurately display fuel flow, available fuel reserve plus endurance and fuel required to waypoints that are programmed in connected GPS navigators. Fuel computers can also be integrated within the engine monitor.

The JP Instruments new line of color engine monitors include these EDM730 displays.  They’re an affordable, state of the art engine monitoring system that can use the same probes and wiring as the original EDM700 and EDM800 systems – so upgrading saves installation time and money.

Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems has developed the AuRACLE engine management system which is compatible with 95% of all general aviation aircraft.  The AuRACLE CRM2100 is a dual-box networked system that reduces wire runs, thereby significantly reducing installation costs.

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JP Instruments Shadin Flightline (AuRACLE)