WAAS GPS Integration

Today’s integrated glass avionic suites with WAAS GPS systems offer precise and automated approach capability. EXXEL’s quality and craftsmanship ensure that your newly installed system takes you to the threshold every time.

WAAS GPS Navigation Continues its Evolution

Garmin stunned the avionics community unveiling a major milestone and technological evolution in panel-mount avionics.  The Garmin GTN750 is a powerful piece of avionics and a fully integrated WAAS GPS/NAV/COMM solution. The 6-inch tall system’s intuitive touchscreen controls and large display give you unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, traffic display, satellite weather and a host of other high-end and high-tech features including voice-recognition command, remote audio panel and remote transponder tuning.  The GTN750 stands nearly two inches taller than the popular GNS530 navigator.   

Most impressive is the GTN750 and smaller GTN650 advance touchscreen operation.  You can quickly and simply pan across the map screen by swiping your finger across the 6.9-in. diagonal high-resolution TFT display.  Further, the system even lets you load Victor and jet airways – functions that were missing from the GNS530 and 430 products. A handy “rubber band” feature lets you grab any leg of your flight plan route and move it to accommodate a deviation or ATC amendment to your flight plan.  There’s also on-screen charting.  Built-in Garmin U.S. FliteCharts™ or optional Jeppesen®-style geo-referenced ChartView™, provides you with approach plates and procedures, while Garmin SafeTaxi® lets you see geo-referenced runways, taxiways, FBOs and hangars.

For pilots who want a fully integrated solution in a smaller, 2.64-inch tall package, the GTN 650 is the perfect choice. The system combines WAAS GPS, COMM and NAV functions with powerful multifunction display capabilities like high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, satellite weather, traffic display and touchscreen feature set.  It’s roughly the same size as the popular GNS430-series navigator making retrofits a seamless effort.

Garmin’s GNS530W and GNS430W WAAS GPS offer Outstanding Performance

A vintage Beechcraft N35 Bonanza sports a panel full of glass automation. The Garmin GNS530W and GNS430W WAAS navigators command the entire suite – including the Aspen EFD1000Pro PFD and the Garmin GMX200 MFD.

The Garmin WAAS navigators also offer hands-off approach capability when coupled to an autopilot with GPSS, such as the STEC 55X,  allowing the pilot to seamlessly fly procedure turns and holding patterns.

Replacing Useless Loran Systems

With the Loran-C chain shut down for good, many owners are faced with replacement options.  It doesn’t make sense to keep an inoperative system in the aircraft.  Panel-mounted GPS upgrades are the logical choice for replacing these extinct navigation systems.  But another cost-effective solution is to install one of the many capable Garmin portable GPS systems.  You can have the best of both worlds by utilizing a GPS docking station made by Air Gizmos.  This retains the portability of the GPS while making it highly visible to both pilot and copilot.  It also frees the cockpit of dangling power and antenna cabling.

Add versatility and utility with Garmin’s aera796 GPS

Perhaps the most versatile portable GPS to date, Garmin’s new touchscreen aera796 can add enormous amounts of data and flight awareness to your cockpit, including high resolution XM Weather graphics.  Its razor sharp 7″ diagonal high-definition color display excels in displaying huge amounts of data and makes a near perfect electronic chart reader with the added benefit of Georeferencing.  This synchs your aircraft’s GPS position on the chart.  No more fighting with ripped, wrinkled or bulky charts in a tight cockpit.   The aera796 features Garmin’s new 3D Vision technology that shows a virtual 3-D behind-the-aircraft perspective of surrounding terrain.  This uses GPS position and an onboard terrain database – technology previously found in high end panel-mount equipment.

EXXEL can streamline your aera796 by interfacing with the ship power and with your panel mounted GPS for position download offering a clean, seamless installation.   Call EXXEL’s interface professionals for a custom aera796 interface in your aircraft.

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