Primary Flight Displays

Primary Flight Display (PFD)

Custom Panels

Retrofit Primary Flight Display systems or PFDs offer many advantages to traditional round ‘steam gauge’ instrumentation. The data displayed on a PFD represents all of the data found on the analogue “six-pack” flight instruments – and so much more. Flying behind a PFD is a proven advantage since huge amounts of flight data can be obtained at a single glance. This can eliminate the fatiguing scan required of multiple instruments scattered about the panel. Further, a PFD is driven by electronic sensors that take the place of unreliable and antiquated vacuum-driven spinning gyroscopic instruments.

Custom Panel for a Cessna 182

Garmin’s G500 and G600 systems combine a PFD and MFD (multi function display) all in one display bezel. Having map data with overlaid weather, traffic and charting functions next to the PFD reduces workload by keeping the pilots eyes in a single location.

Read  “Flying Magazines” review of the Garmin G600 system in action.

Custom Fitted Garmin G600

The Aspen Avionics EFD1000Pro PFD is easily retrofitted in a wide variety of aircraft. It’s designed to slide into the existing instrument cutouts in the center of the six-pack. With self-contained air data computer and remotely-mounted RSM (remote sensor module) which is a heading/GPS/OAT sensor, the EFD1000Pro displays huge amounts of flight data and is easy to use. This Aspen PFD is installed in a Beech Musketeer

Front and center in this Piper Aztec is an Aspen EFD1000Pro PFD. The center stack includes an Avidyne EX500, GNS430W GPS navigator and a Honeywell KLN94 IFR GPS as a secondary backup system.

EXXEL is proud to provide exclusive support to state and federal law enforcement agencies. Here’s a Cessna Skylane upgraded with Aspen EFD1000Pro and big-screen GNS530W navigator.

A Piper Seneca with an Aspen EFD1000/MFD1000/MFD500 combination.

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