Customer Testimomials

EXXEL is proud of the many long term relationships built on a solid foundation of trust, outstanding attention to customer service and dedication to a high level of support that remains unmatched in the industry.  Our valued customers speak:

I wanted to thank you for the work you did on my Bonanza.  While other shops had hidden charges in their estimates, you provided a factual indication of the cost. I especially appreciated them calling and asking me for my input when they saw a potential issue, such as the wiring mess discovered behind the panel. They didn’t attempt to “oversell” but instead provided me with what I requested and really needed. I had a unique request which they researched and made certain that it would work before proceeding with the installation. Prior to installing the avionics in this airplane, I would occasionally stop by or telephone with a question and they were always willing to respond even though I had yet to buy anything from them.  Everything is working “as advertised” and I really appreciated their follow up. Thank you!

Dean Saucier – Beech Bonanza V36

NBAA Eastern Region Representative –


As someone who provides full time instrument instruction, often in IMC conditions, it is imperative that my avionics be totally reliable and accurate. To insure this I use the best avionics facility that I can find. Thus I faithfully put my trust in EXXEL Avionics to provide me with superlative sales, service and advice for all my avionics needs.

Doug Stewart, MCFI / DPE 2004 National CFI of the Year                                      877-FLY-DSFI (877-359-3734)


The folks at EXXEL Avionics are just super to work with. They have made major upgrades to my panel over the years and have done outstanding work!  I appreciate their diligence on working on an old aircraft to bring the avionics up to state of the art. I’d recommend EXXEL to anyone that’s serious about upgrading and maintaining their avionics!

Paul Damiano,  President Northeast Bonanza Group
N9431Y Bonanza N35


My first introduction to EXXEL was for a Garmin MX20 to GMX200 upgrade in my Skylane.  They made the upgrade painless; the installation was done on time and most important, everything worked perfectly when they returned the airplane to me. They clearly understand the pros and cons of all the various avionics choices and options and, best of all for me, were willing to entertain all of my many questions.

Eventually, I purchased a low time 1980 B55 Baron.  It had a factory original 30-year old Collins radio stack.  After much consult, the team installed a full-stack, digital Garmin package with XM satellite system and numerous other major supporting systems.  Much of the interface included seamless integration with existing analogue gear, including the KFC200 autopilot and HSI. This was an extensive overhaul and upgrade project.  The job was done on time and on-budget, but what really amazed me was that there was not a single discrepancy item when I took the airplane home.  I have had a lot of major avionics work performed by other shops in the past but this was the first time an airplane has been returned to me completely squawk-free after a major upgrade.  The team does fantastic work with meticulous attention to detail and great quality control, which includes a rigorous ground and in-flight testing process. It is a joy to look under the panels; the wiring harnesses are constructed as if you were going to be looking at them every day.

Scot and Steve are great guys, they do fine work and they are very responsive.  If I have a question, I know I can call and get a quick answer or help.  I’m sure they are extremely busy, but they always seem to have plenty of time to support their customers.  Best of all, they don’t laugh too hard when I forget how to use all that stuff.

Rick Brown – Cessna R182, Legend Cub, Beech Baron B55


Over the years that I have been an EXXEL customer, I have been completely satisfied with the work that has been done for me.  The advice is excellent and honest, the workmanship is first-rate and they meet their schedules and budget.  Other shops have remarked on how well the wiring in my aircraft is done.  As an owner, I can’t ask for more than that.

Scott Dyer, Cessna T210M Centurion



I am writing this note to personally acknowledge your responsiveness, professionalism, and commitment to customer support in connection with my recent purchase of a used TKM MX170C radio.  Our interaction began with my response to an ad in the publication.  After a number of contacts in which you patiently answered all my questions, I concluded a purchase was the way to go.   During our discussions, you clearly indicated both the pluses and minuses of the unit in a way that allowed me to weigh the cost/benefit elements of the transaction along with your commitment to back up and support this used unit.

Once I placed my order, you got right on with processing and shipping of the unit to my residence.  It was delivered expeditiously and in perfect physical condition.  However, once installed in my aircraft, my installer identified an operating defect which would have been very difficult observe in a normal test situation.  When notified of the issue, you folks were most accommodating in encouraging me to return the unit for warranty repair.

I sent the unit, you expedited its’ repair and returned it ready for installation.  Once installed and tested in the aircraft, the unit performed flawlessly.

Normally, when all goes well, anyone can do routine business.  The test of good support and customer commitment is when issues occur.  Your responsiveness both in communication and in execution has been flawless.  It reflects an obvious climate of responsible business practice that one always hopes to find when dealing with various providers.  I thank you for supporting my requirements and I congratulate you on the way you conduct your business.

Best Regards,

Charles R. Chiles


I have been dealing with EXXEL for over 15 years and can attest to their expertise & integrity.  They have done extensive work for me on three airplanes and I have always found them to be well educated on all of the new equipment with the ability to interface into existing systems.  They have always stood behind their work and have been very attentive to any of my needs.  I recommend them without reservations and will continue to have them as my avionics team for the years to come.

Ken Perrino – Piper PA24 Aztec


Over the years, I have had numerous upgrades to the avionic suite in my airplane, and each time I have not hesitated in going with Exxel Avionics.  The guys at Exxel have always been very knowledgeable and helpful in all of the upgrades I have invested in, and they always finish in a timely manner.  Additionally, they have been excellent after the installation in explaining how to use each of the new pieces of equipment that I have had installed, including test flying it to ensure that it works properly, and following up with upgrades and any problems that might have come up.  In short, I would highly recommend Exxel Avionics, time and time again, to anyone looking to retrofit their panel.

J Baldwin,   Piper PA34 Seneca


Exxel Avionics did a full makeover of my C182P panel four years ago.  Tremendous shop. Highly recommended.

I started the process by emailing a half dozen well reviewed shops with my initial ideas.  Many of the shops did not respond, or responded weeks later.  Exxel gave a prompt, informative response, that stimulated a half year of increasingly frequent emails (and phone calls) slowly converging to the final design.  This was superb before the sales service.

Execution of the job took materially longer than what was quoted.  As this was a 100% full redesign and reconstruction of the panel, it turned out to have a bit more complexity than anticipated.  But they kept me informed and showed me a bit of their work in progress when I visited.

Basically, on pick up, it all worked.  And there was a lot done.  The regular 530W/Aspen 1000 of course, but way way more. SL30, STEC interface, Avidyne EX 500 MFD, ADF (sorry, yes, I am a throw back and wanted one), audio panel.  All new designed and cut and finished and labeled metal panel, new and painted pedestal, new glare shiled, new panel lighting and glare shield lighting, 396 interface, both TIS and TAS (my wife loves those), new antennas (I have a bunch now), all new push/pull circuit breakers, all new wiring, and much more.  Big job.  Beautifully done.

And excellent post sale service—a couple of normal little gremlins that they were very good about taking care of.  And, yes, expensive.  But, I doubt, materially more expensive than any such total panel remake would have been.  Everything was custom and that simply doesn’t come cheap.  I have a panel whose core is good for another 40 years (though some decades hence some future owner will certainly swap in some new wonder box.)

So, Exxel gave me good advice, good work, good service, and fair price.  Nice folks. Highly recommended.

W. Kahn – Cessna 182P Skylane


EXXEL really knows how to listen to and take care of their customers.  When we settled on a Bonanza A36, EXXEL helped design a panel upgrade that met the mission and came in with a great price as well. EXXEL also works to educate the wider GA community by researching and reviewing new products, and their follow-up customer service has been excellent.

GGP, Beech Bonanza A36